are blundstones good for hiking

are blundstones good for hiking
are Blundstone good for hiking

Blundstone shoes are one of the most popular brands in Australia and New Zealand, where they’re worn by everyone from new mothers to construction workers. The name Blundstone comes from the town of Blundstone, Tasmania, which the company was founded in 1879 before becoming the global brand it is today. Despite their overwhelming popularity, Blundstones aren’t manufactured in Australia anymore; instead, they’re imported from Asia and assembled in New Zealand.

Reasons Why Blundstone Boots Are Great

1. They have a great grip. 

2. They’re comfortable and light. 

3. They’re easy to break in. 

4. They last forever. 

5. They’re stylish. 

6. You can wear them in any weather. 

7. They’re perfect for any terrain, from mud to sand. 

8. They don’t show dirt as much as other boots, so they always look fresh!

 9. There are so many styles of Blundstone boots to choose from that you’ll never get bored with your wardrobe! 

10. They are environmentally friendly because they use less rubber than other shoes, which means that fewer carbon emissions are coming from the production of these shoes, which helps the environment! 

11. If you need a boot that is rugged and will protect your feet while also providing more stability, you should consider buying Blundstone boots! 

12. If you want a pair of boots that is durable and provides excellent traction, then Blundstone is the brand for you! 

Other Brands That Make Similar Shoes

If you’re a fan of Blundstone boots, you might also like shoes from these other brands. All of these companies make tough, durable boots that can take a beating. They’re all great choices for hikes, work, or any other outdoor activity.

1. Red Wing Shoes – Based in the United States, Red Wing has been making tough work boots since 1905. Their shoes are known for being comfortable and long-lasting. 

2. Chippewa Boots – Another American company, Chippewa has been around since 1901. They make a variety of different types of footwear, including boots, shoes, and sandals. 

3. Wolverine Boots – Wolverine is another US-based company with a long history – they were founded in 1883.

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How To Care For Your Boots

Assuming you’ve already broken them in, there are a few things you can do to keep your boots in good condition. First, if they’re leather, you’ll want to treat them with a leather conditioner every few months. You can also use a waterproofing spray to help keep them from getting ruined in the rain or snow. If they start to get dirty, just wipe them down with a damp cloth; avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners. Finally, make sure you store them in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing them – this will help extend their lifespan.

Common Faults in Choosing The Wrong Hiking Boots

One of the most common faults in choosing the wrong hiking boots is not taking into account the different types of terrain you will encounter. Another big mistake is not paying attention to the climate and weather conditions where you will be hiking. If you are going to be hiking in cold weather, you need a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry. In hot weather, you need a boot that will ventilate and not make your feet overheat. 

Another common mistake is not getting a boot that fits properly. This can lead to all sorts of problems including blisters, pinched nerves, and just general discomfort. Make sure you try on several pairs of boots and get expert advice before making your final decision.


I think they are great! I have a pair of Blundstone boots and I love them. I have worn them hiking, walking, and even running and they are extremely comfortable. They are also very durable – I’ve had mine for over a year and they show no signs of wear. If you’re looking for a comfortable, durable boot to take on your next hike, I would highly recommend Blundstone.

 I live in Chicago and it can get really cold in the winter. I purchased my Blundstone’s in January because it was time for me to buy some new shoes anyways so I figured why not try something new? After wearing them every day since then, my feet have never been happier. Plus, I find that the traction is better than any other shoe I’ve owned which is great considering how icy our sidewalks can get during the winter months here. 

I’m now thinking about getting another pair of Blundstones with a waterproof lining just in case we ever get snow this winter!

1. Can I hike with Blundstones?

Blundstones are a popular brand of shoe that is often worn by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. They are very durable shoes and make a great choice for hiking, but you should be careful when you are walking on the ground and are wearing these shoes. They are not meant to be worn on rough surfaces like rocks and dirt. They are also not meant for hiking in the snow.

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2. Are Blundstones good for the outdoors?

Blundstones are a good shoe for the outdoors. They are made from premium leather and are designed to provide you with the support you need for outdoor activities. They are, however, not the best shoe for hiking.

3. What weather are Blundstones good for?

Blundstones are a popular brand of shoes, and they are a good choice for hiking. The brand is meant to be a rugged shoe, so they are not ideal for rainy weather. However, if you are hiking in the summer, you should be fine.

4. What boots to wear for hiking?

In recent years, Blundstone has become a favorite among hikers, and rightfully so. Blundstones are well-made and are a great option for anyone who wants a comfortable pair of boots that can serve as both day-to-day and hiking boots. Blundstones are also very durable and don’t have to be replaced as often as other boots. There are lots of different styles to choose from, so you should make sure to get the right boots for the right occasion.

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